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Tuxedo Rentals

Need a tuxedo for a special occasion but don't have enough time to stop in to the store for a fitting?

We can get your tuxedo reserved and ready for you if you fill out the form on this page. Please note that we highly recommend that you have a professional (who works with tuxedos) take your body measurements. Sending us the correct sizing information may be the most important thing that you will do for your special occasion and we want your fit to be perfect!

If you already have your correct body measurements, feel free to enter them (below). Please note that each box must have something entered, in order to be successfully submitted to us. If something is not needed, simply enter n/a.

Stop in to inquire about our Wedding Specials and Ring-Bearer Discounts!

Please browse the following websites (by clicking on each formal wear store name) to see the tuxedo styles that we have available. We are not referring your business, but giving you a detailed look at ALL of the styles that we have available and can order for you, locally: